Oh, Twitter….

This weekend’s drama on Twitter:

Some modestly and deliberately bad satire trumped by high-minded sanctimony.

My summary of a drama in which a contingent, alt-ac woman of color, a satirist at heart, was pressed to apologize to a tenure-stream professor at an R1 who took offense, without even the gentlest courtesy of offline conversation.

And then, as the throngs cheered:

An amazing reversal, in which the stylized quitting of an online venue in a blogosphere firestorm was followed by the submission of the fiery broadside to the venue in which the satire appears, the very same venue originally quit with such vigorous declarations, such strong-worded refusals.

And a completing of the circle, so that the privileged on the tenure-stream profit at the expense of the marginalized.

And the alt-ac woman of color, hustling for a career, making a space for herself – an inclusive space, too – is shamed.

And the prof, also hustling, gets a check.

And the chance for productive conversation – about students and intersections, and different ways to think and read and talk about where we are right now – is pinched off.

And satire (good, bad, or otherwise) dies. Again.

All in clear view of the public.

So I’m glad the weekend is over.