Dissertation committees

Benjamin Aldred (Indiana, 2009)
Dissertation: “The Act of History: American Folklore, Performative Structure and National Identity”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Richard J. Daley Library, University of Illinois, Chicago

Laila Amine (Indiana, 2011)
Dissertation: “Algerian Paris: Place, Identity, and the War”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Wisconsin

Brian Amsden (Indiana, 2010)
Dissertation: “Liberal Rhetorical Praxis and the Youth Rights Debates”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Clayton State University

Clark Barwick (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Obscurity, Blackness, and the Making of the Harlem Renaissance, 1919-Present”; Currently: Senior Lecturer, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Mark Benedetti (Indiana, 2013)
Dissertation: “Beneath New York: The Formation and Effects of Canons in American Underground Film Movements”; Currently: Professor of English and Communications, Blackburn College

Felicia Bevel (Brown University, 2018)
Dissertation:”Exporting Whiteness: Race, Nation, and Nostalgia in the Age of Empire”; Currently: Assistant Professor of History, University of North Florida

Amanda Boston (Brown, 2018)
Dissertation: “The ‘New’ New York: Race, Space, and Power in Gentrifying Brooklyn”; Currently: Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor/ Faculty Fellow at the Marron Institute of Urban Management, New York University

Elizabeth Burbach (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Baseball City”: Cultivating Ball Players in the Boca Chica Dominican Republic”; Currently:

Siobhan Carter-David (Indiana 2011)
Dissertation: “Fashioning Essence Women and Ebony Men: Sartorial Instruction and the New Politics of Racial Uplift in Print, 1970-1993”; Currently: Associate Professor of History, Southern Connecticut State University

Danille Elise Christenson (Indiana, 2009)
Dissertation: “Constructing Value: Women, Scrapbooking, and the Framing of Daily Experience”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Religion and Culture, Virginia Tech University

David Church (Indiana, 2014)
Dissertation: “Retrosploitation: Cultural Memory, Home Video, and Contemporary Experiences of Exploitation Film Fandom”; Currently: Lecturer, Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, Northern Arizona University

Lauren Cordes Tate (Indiana, 2009)
Dissertation: “Pioneering Identity on the Frontier: Images of African Americans in the West, 1840–1900”; Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Miami University of Ohio

Susan Eckelmann (Indiana, 2014)
Dissertation: “Freedom’s Little Lights: The Role of Youth during the Black Freedom Struggle, 1954-1965”; Currently: Assistant Professor and Director of Africana Studies, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Suzanne Enzerink (Brown, 2019)
Dissertation: “Give Me Color: Fictions of Racial Ambiguity”; Currently: Assistant Professor of American Studies at American University of Beirut

Tanisha Ford (Indiana, 2011)
Dissertation: “Soul Generation: Radical Fashion, Beauty, and the Transnational Black Liberation Movement, 1954-1980”; Currently: Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History, University of Delaware

Mark Hain (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Revamped: Theda Bara, Cultural Memory, and the Repurposing of Star Image” Currently: Instructor, Department of Theatre and Film, Bowling Green State University

Jennifer Heusel (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Why Do These Silly Things Exist?: Postracial, Free Market Logics in Local Discourse about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Language, Literature and Religion, Coker College

Kellie Hogue (Indiana, 2012)
Dissertation: “‘We Are All Related’: Kinship, Identity, and Pilgrimage in the Kateri Movement”; Currently: Research Program Specialist II, California State Library

Caralee Jones (Indiana, 2017)
Dissertation: “Reimagining the New African Diaspora: Interpersonal Relationships Among Jamaicans, Nigerians, and African Americans”; Currently:

Andrew Kahrl (Indiana, 2008)
Dissertation: “On the Beach: Race and Leisure in the Jim Crow South”; Currently: Associate Professor, History and African American Studies, University of Virginia

Lydia Kelow-Bennett (Brown, 2018)
Dissertation: “Genealogies of Capture and Evasion: A Black Feminist Meditation for Neoliberal Times”; Currently: Assistant Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan

Kate LeMay (Indiana, 2011)
Dissertation: “Forgotten memorial: The American cemeteries in France from World War II”; Currently: Historian, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Don Maxwell (Indiana, 2010)
Dissertation: “Unguarded Border: The Movement of People and Ideas between the United States and Canada during the Vietnam War Era”; Currently: Senior Instructor, Department of History, Indiana State University

Nancy Palm (Indiana, 2010)
Dissertation: “Thomas Cole’s Indian Landscapes, Racial Politics, and the National Landscape”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Art Department, UNC-Pembroke

Justin Rawlins (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Method Men: Race, Gender, and Performance Style in U.S. Culture 1922-1957”; Currently: Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Film Studies, University of Tulsa

Natasha Ritsma (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “The Postwar “Arts Explosion” in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction: The Production, Distribution and Exhibition of Non-Theatrical Films on Art”; Currently: Curator, Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago

Elizabeth Rule (Brown, 2019)
Dissertation: “Reproducing Resistance: Gendered Violence and Indigenous Nationhood”; Currently, Assistant Professor of Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies, American University

Micah Salkind (Brown, 2016)
Dissertation: “‘Do You Remember House?’ Memory, Mediation, and Crossover Community-Making in Chicago House Music Culture”; Currently: Special Programs Manager for The City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism

Shira Segal (Indiana, 2011)
Dissertation: “Home Movies and Home Birth: The Avant-garde Childbirth Film and Pregnancy in New Media”; Currently: Lecturer and Director of Film Studies, University of Albany

Amber Smallwood (Indiana, 2007)
Dissertation: ; Currently: Professor of Mass Communications and Associate Dean, University of West Georgia

Carl Suddler (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Presumed Criminal: Black Youth and the Justice System in Postwar New York”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Emory University

Kim Stanley (Indiana, 2015)
Dissertation: “Pulling Down the House and Tearing Up the Yard: Constructing, Policing, and Containing Black Masculinity, 1920-1960″; Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Indiana State University

Virginia Thomas (Brown 2020)
Dissertation:”Dark Trees: Regional Archives of Familial Intimacy, Lynching Violence, and Racial Reproduction”; Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality, Rice University.

Ida Yalzadeh (Brown 2020)
Dissertation: “Solidarities and Solitude: Tracing the Racial Boundaries of the Iranian Diaspora”; Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Asian American Studies, Northwestern University

Cynthia Yaudes (Indiana, 2008)
Dissertation: “Working an Image: Radical Labor Newspapers and the American Tabloid Press, 1919-1922”; Currently: Associate Editor, Journal of American History

Katie H. Williams
Dissertation: “Arrival of the Fittest: America’s Evolutionary (Manifest) Destiny at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904”; Currently: Assistant Professor, Ivy Tech College