About MPG

I live in Providence, Rhode Island. I teach and talk and write about the complexities of race and nation in American life. More specifically, I am an historian of the nineteenth-century and twentieth-century United States and the Americas, and work at Brown University in the departments of Africana Studies and American Studies. Before Brown, I taught at Indiana University, Washington State University, and St. John’s University.

You can learn more about my work by clicking on “Books” in the toolbar above.

I also care a great deal about higher education, the humanities, and public culture. Sometimes I share my concerns or my enthusiasms elsewhere (and link to them here in “News”), and sometimes, when I don’t want to worry about editorial oversight, I put them here, in the “Musings” section.

I was born and raised in central New Jersey, lived at the Jersey Shore for several years after high school, and continue to think of the Garden State as my true North.  

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