The Basics

I live in Providence, Rhode Island.  I teach and talk and write about race and class in American life.  I also care a great deal about higher education, the humanities, and public culture.

More specifically, I am an historian of race and nation in the United States and the Americas, and work at Brown University, in the departments of Africana Studies and American Studies. I got my BA degree from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in 1993, and my PhD in History from Rutgers University in 1999. Before coming to Brown, I taught at St. John’s University, Washington State University, and Indiana University. I’ve had fellowships from the National Museum of American History, Yale University, Rice University, and the Library Company of Philadelphia.

I’ve written four books on race and race-relations.  If you click here you can find out about each of them.

I edit this website and blog myself.  Some of the stuff here is for friends and some of it is for students. The rest of it is for anyone who cares. But all of it is curated and controlled by me.

Material on this site has nothing whatsoever do to with my current official job.  I do not write about my own shop.  I do not work on this site while I am in the office.  And I do not submit any of this material as a part of my annual review.


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