You can reach MPG by email at: matthewprattguterl @

Or at his Brown email address, which you can find here.

You can mail him stuff at:

Department of American Studies
Brown University
71 George Street, Nicholson House
Box 1892
Providence, RI 02912

He infrequently and imperfectly uses twitter: @matthewguterl

His literary agent, Faith Childs, can be reached here:

Faith Childs Literary Agency, Inc.
111 John Street, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10038

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thank you for your incredibly beautiful and moving tribute to Ruth Ann Stewart. Ruth Ann is my husband’s aunt. My eyes pricked with tears not only because you captured her spirit so well, but also because you spoke to one of my deep needs and longings as a writer – meaningful connection to a supportive, rich, and joyful community. I have long resisted thinking of myself as a writer in large part because I have such difficulty committing myself to a “writer’s life.” It seems like such a lonely, solitary existence. Thank you for reminding me what a writer’s life can be, and for sharing such a beautiful memory of Ruth Ann. I am inspired by your words and her memory.
    Michelle Alexander


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