On the long history of Black resistance to the display of the Confederate flag, in Public Seminar, in February of 2021.

Speaking to the Brown campus as a part of the “Race &” series with colleagues Kevin Quashie and RaMell Ross in January of 2021

Interviewed in The Yale Historical Review in the fall of 2020.

On the blog of the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, thinking about Octavia Butler in COVID-time, in the summer of 2020.

On “The Nod,” a podcast, discussing Josephine Baker’s Rainbow Tribe, in March of 2018.

A reprint of a blogpost on civility in Quartz, in October of 2017.

On the Trump administration’s immigration proposal, in Quartz, in August of 2017.

In Quartz, on the proposed HBO show, “Confederate,” and what it tells us about “the South,” late summer of 2017.

In Quartz again, on the struggle against white supremacism in the midwest, and what it means. In February of 2017.

In Quartz, on how to cover Trump, in late January of 2017.

In TNR, once more, in January of 2017, on the need for blue states to get even bluer.

On the Professor Watchlist, in Quartz, in December of 2016.

On C-SPAN, with a dazzling set of scholars at the Kennedy School, to discuss Obama’s civil rights legacy, in October of 2016.

In Inside Higher Ed, in August of 2016, on safety and “safe spaces.”

On race, politics, and track and field, in TNR, August, 2016.

In TNR, in March of 2016, writing about Roger Casement, the Easter Rising, and Harlem.

On the UNC Press blog, with Caroline Levander, to think about collaboration in 2015.

On Frederick Douglass and Photography, in TNR, in November of 2015.

In TNR, talking about Jack Reacher and vigilante justice, in the fall of 2015.

In the New York Times, with Caroline Levander, discussing a recent Supreme Court decision about privacy and the hotel register, in 2015.

On Rhode Island Public Radio, talking to Scott McKay about the Confederate Flag, in late June of 2015.

In the Washington Post’s “Wonkblog,” for a Q & A about the meaning of the Confederate Flag in mid-June of 2015.

Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor about the Confederate Flag, in June of 2015.

Quoted in a story in the Washington Post on race and forgiveness after Charleston, in June of 2015.

In TNR, on David Brooks, public intellectuals, and morality, in May of 2015.

“Advice for New Chairs,” in the Chronicle, in February of 2015.

Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, in the ‘Dear Student’ column, late January, 2015.

On Josephine Baker and the Civil Rights Movement,” in TNR, in late January, 2015.

“Just Because No One Died in the NAACP Bombing Doesn’t Mean The Media Should Ignore It,” in TNR, once more, in early January, 2015.

“The NYPD’s Freakout Isn’t Just About Race. It’s About Inequality, Too,” in TNR in late December, 2014.

Quoted in Rebecca Onion’s “Gift Guide for Young Historians” in Slate in late December of 2014.

“Police Cameras Won’t Cure Our National Disease,” in TNR, on Eric Garner in early December, 2014.

“Why Darren Wilson is Driving You Mad,” in The Guardian, talking about Ferguson in November, 2014.

A slightly different piece on Ferguson and Darren Wilson in the Providence Journal.

On WNYC’s Soundcheck, sharing some thoughts about Josephine Baker.

“Why We Need an Open Curriculum,” in the Chronicle, in July of 2014.

One of several voices in the Chronicle of Higher Education, thinking about those who teach and write about race.

In the Post-Dispatch, meditating on Josephine, once more.

In Slate, courtesy of the always amazing Rebecca Onion, talking about Josephine Baker and the Rainbow Tribe.

In St. Louis Magazine, talking about Josephine Baker, in 2014.

“Life on the #GraftonLine,” Inside Higher Education, February 8, 2014.

At Trinity Repertory Co., talking about Lynn Nottage’s “Intimate Apparel,” 2014.

On the press website in late 2013, talking about Josephine Baker.

The Page 99 Test for Seeing Race in Modern America.

Quoted in “Why It’s Time to End Blackface Finally,” Daily Beast, October 31, 2013.

On “The Agenda” in 2013.

Quoted in “Has Caucasian Lost its Meaning?” New York Times, July 6, 2013.

“The Real Stakes For Higher Education,” Inside Higher Education, July 23, 2013.

MPG @ the 2012 Chicago Humanities Festival.

“The Humanities Are More Important,” Inside Higher Education, June 30, 2012.

On Shreds and Patches, talking about the future of libraries, in 2011.

The Page 99 Test for American Mediterranean.

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